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Physical Therapy

Inspired by those who help our littles through physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathologists.

This category started as a gift--I designed a t-shirt to gift to someone impactful in our family's lives and decided to take a chance and list it on Etsy. To my surprise, it became my very first bestseller on Etsy and inspired me to create this line to continue creating designs for other helpers and healers who have been so important and influential. It started with "Helping Tiny Humans," and then grew to include those who also helped our littles with other life domains. Then, it expanded and grew as I created gifts for someone who helped in my personal healing journey. That being said, this is an extra personal and loved category. If it seems that this may not fit into the rest of the shop, it's because it's coming from a dedicated corner of my heart to yours.

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